Signs you’re in the friend zone

Are you not sure if you have been friend zoned? There are a few signs of attraction to look for but everyone woman is different. Some women are more flirty by nature which can be super confusing.

Here are a few signs that you’ve been friend zoned:

  1. She calls you dude, bro, broham, pal, brother, buddy – you get the idea.
  2. She asks you for dating advice and/or talks to you about the guys she likes
  3. When she hugs you she lightly pats your back or sticks her butt out (she is moving her mid section away from you)
  4. She doesn’t hold extended eye contact with you – no sexy bed room eyes

Here are a few signs that she might be attracted to you:

  1. She laughs a lot when shes around you
  2. She asks about girls your dating
  3. When you’re in a crowded room you notice her within your line of vision – she is keeping tabs on you while making sure you see her
  4. She plays with her hair – not fixing her hair but twirling it in her fingers
  5. Her toes and/or shoulders are pointed at you when you are standing in a group of people
  6. She finds reasons to touch you
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